Ecuador has several tourism destinations that yearly attract a large number of tourists from all over the world. The Ecuadorian government has taken significant steps towards achieving greater connectivity with the new international airports of Quito and Guayaquil. This, in addition to the several awards the Quito airport has received, has brought more airlines to Ecuador, significantly increasing the number of flight routes and frequencies.

AVL has broad experience advising airlines on the legal and technical issues of aviation law and providing the full range of corporate counseling services relating to the activities required for airlines to operate in this country. Our firm has also served as a strategic ally with an in-depth commercial, technical, and legal understanding based on its expertise in civil aviation and all things related to the modern trend towards unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).

Our services

Our services

The aviation industry requires specialized legal and technical counsel regarding the contractual relations needed to manage its operations. Our firm has extensive domestic and international experience in and knowledge of this industry, which affords us a broad view of all the services, items, and inputs an airline will have to structure into the agreements they will implement and the domestic and international law that will govern all agreements to avoid any non-compliance.
Compliance with all annual legal requirements and the Ecuadorian Law is paramount for an airline to operation, both from an aviation law perspective and in other areas of company operations. We highly recommend that our clients act in a structured, proactive manner, and help them submit information to authorities, attending to needs such as passenger lists, seasonal flights, charter flights, changes of equipment (aircraft), deadline extensions for operating permits, and all other formalities in a timely fashion in order to avoid non-compliance and the resulting fines.
AVL has provided legal counsel for airlines to prevent labor contingencies and implement the necessary human resource policies. Our firm has a strong track record in labor dispute resolution, having negotiated with the highest government authorities on the appropriate treatment of workers and service providers in this industry. We carefully review all requirements regarding shifts, working hour reductions, regulations on complementary businesses (specific to the industry), profit-sharing settlements, and the full range of support for contracts with specialized technical service companies.

Success Stories

  • For over eight years, our firm has represented one of the largest, most important airlines in the world, and the largest in the USA, with regard to its operations in Ecuador.
  • Our firm has provided legal counsel and support for open skies agreements, coordinated with the Ministry of Tourism on support for promotion with international cooperation and models for airlines flying to Ecuador, managing countless routes and frequencies between Ecuador and the United States, which undoubtedly provides major benefits to both tourism and foreign investment in this country.
  • Our firm has provided legal counsel to bring aviation equipment into the operations of a major international airline and obtain a variety of permits.
  • We have also obtained several cabotage permits for private flights made by international businesspersons.
  • Finally, we have provided legal counsel to a major Canadian company regarding its legal and commercial strategy to enter Ecuador with unmanned aerial vehicles (drones).


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