Private sector companies have a duty to adopt internal anti-corruption compliance systems to comply with applicable norms and also to show their good corporate governance, which helps to distinguish themselves in the market.

The companies that AVL advises not only comply with high technological, productive and economic standards, but also have ethical policies in line with the domestic anti-corruption law.

Our services

Our services

The best way to protect a company and its shareholders, partners, managers, and workers is to have clear anti-corruption rules. To this end, AVL has extensive experience determining company compliance and what contingencies could negatively affect it.
AVL has developed the techniques to assess any risks and identify necessary solutions before sanctions are applied, within the framework of professional ethics and in accordance with the regulations.
Having anti-corruption corporate policies, good corporate governance, and internal personnel training is essential to prevent crimes such as corporate fraud, misappropriation of corporate funds, Ponzi schemes, extortion, bankruptcy fraud, and others.
AVL has developed anti-corruption policies targeted to each industry, making it possible to substantially reduce any risks that companies might face with regard to such crimes.