At AVL we combine our knowledge of corporate, contractual and international law with our financial and commercial vision. Our goal is not only to advise our clients on the best legal vehicles for conducting business in Ecuador, but also to accompany them in their expansion projects and add value to their businesses.

Our services

Our services

We advise companies to ensure that their operations are in accordance with Ecuadorian regulations, in all relevant areas and especially in regulated industries. Early counsel helps to avoid contingencies for the company, its shareholders, customers, employees and third parties, and to safeguard the company's goodwill.
Clear corporate guidelines are essential for today's businesses. Good corporate governance rules create checks and balances within a company, protect rights and demand performance of the duties of managers, shareholders and third parties.
Ecuador has new corporate governance regulations that enable companies to establish a modern, transparent system of administration and control with all stakeholders.
Family businesses have several peculiarities that make them unique, from the bodies making them up to the problems they face. AVL has developed a system that enables these companies to stay up to date, remain competitive in the market and not succumb to family difficulties.
When a client wishes to expand its operations, we work to ensure its projects are implemented. This involves designing a comprehensive corporate strategy, analyzing its due diligence and mitigating business contingencies, negotiating related contracts (e.g., acquiring stock or interest, joint ventures, etc.) and implementing the agreements. As and when required, we advise the client on obtaining prior authorization from the antitrust authority.
We help our clients to ensure their businesses have the right corporate vehicles depending on their needs. Once companies have been set up, we advise our clients on resolving any conflicts that might arise among shareholders or partners, or between shareholders and management, management and the board; etc. We also help our clients keep their companies up to date with regard to control authorities.
We provide advice to our entrepreneurial clients, not only to choose a suitable vehicle for their enterprise, but also to obtain the sources of financing (venture capital) necessary to develop their ideas and structure partnership or sale procedures, making use of the benefits that Ecuadorian regulations offer entrepreneurship.
Relationships among shareholders, managers and supervisory bodies are not always easy. Over time, problems often appear. We design strategies to defend our clients in legal action taken, whether through arbitration, in the courts, or administrative instances, where we focus on protecting their rights.

Success Stories

  • Negotiating and implementing the acquisition of an Ecuadorian mining company by one of the world's largest copper producers.
  • Advising on the sale of shares by an Ecuadorian bank to a foreign group.
  • Advising a state-owned company on the acquisition of a European gas company.
  • Advising an Australian insurance company on the sale of a portfolio of products.
  • Advising on various purchase, option, earn-in, farm-in and joint venture processes in the mining industry.
  • Advising a Russian company in the oil & gas industry on its contractual relationships with public and private customers.
  • Advising a telecommunications company on financing a network expansion for US$ 120 million.