Financial leverage, one of the main pillars of the economy, fuels the development of all kinds of businesses, industries, and infrastructures. New investments require new models that, although standardized under international practice, require a highly sophisticated approach to their development, negotiation and implementation, according to each economic sector and business model.

AVL has professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in structuring domestic and international projects, able to represent private and public corporate interests before domestic, foreign and multilateral banks. Our team is distinguished for providing high levels of service from planning and strategy, through contract negotiation, formalization and closing, to structuring guarantees and financial closure.

Our services

Our services

AVL provides comprehensive legal counsel on implementing bank financing and structuring credit operations for both lenders and borrowers. We have had particular success advising top-level domestic and foreign companies and key economic players in Ecuador and the region. We have experience developing projects in the food and beverage, agriculture, mining, electricity, and renewable energy industries, as well as developing the real estate sector.
As part of our project finance consultancy, we provide support and know-how for designing financial structures and for drafting and negotiating contracts, including supply and construction contracts. Project financial arrangements when there are no assets to be pledged require creativity to implement guaranty packages and use cash flows to design or develop all kinds of projects, an area in which we have a special interest and passion.
We have previously headed due diligence procedures required by lenders as part of their risk assessment, which involves both borrowers and lenders. In both cases, we work to meet any bankability or state control requirements when seeking lines of credit. Our representation for entities such as multilateral banks or promotion/export agencies has been a tool for understanding how to analyze and assess potential borrowers’ financial capacities and related risks, as well as international banking preferences regarding finance structures. AVL’s interdisciplinary team is able to address the corporate, contractual, commercial, labor-related, regulatory, and environmental aspects of the project, as well as its intellectual property and government compliance dimensions.
Our team has extensive experience drafting and negotiating contracts for each project and its potential bankability, including the coverage, drafting and issuing of collateral, fiduciary or hybrid guarantees, even under specialized arrangements such as streaming for mining.
Advising entrepreneurs, managers and users regarding a catalog of fintech products and services such as personal finance management, web payments and transactions, investment consultancy and marketing, and new approaches to loan financing and issuance.

Success Stories

  • Purchasing 100% of one of Ecuador’s traditionally largest and oldest food processing companies (candies and snacks)
  • Providing high-end medical equipment for the national health system with funds from the Austrian Government
  • Photovoltaic solar generation project with multilateral financing
  • Representing a Colombian bank to finance working capital for a regional business group
  • Issuance of guarantees and collateral for a road construction project in southern Colombia
  • Foreign financing operation for a leading regional business group in the food and beverage industry
  • Negotiating a Bond Issuance