We provide comprehensive service for obtaining and renewing the entire range of visas allowed by Ecuadorian law and for canceling such visas. We also provide support for regularizing the immigration status of aliens or for changing that status.

We have developed a corporate scheme for immigration control and supervision of aliens requiring our support. In addition, we assist our clients through the administrative process of naturalization as Ecuadorians and related issues.

AVL Abogados has a team of lawyers committed to offering quality services in the migratory processes required both for domestic and foreign companies and for entrepreneurs.

Our services

Our services

Applying for a visa under the modalities provided by law
Applying for a visa transfer
Canceling a visa
Applying for a family support visa for relatives and dependents
Comprehensive labor counseling on the migratory status of aliens
Immigration assistance when hiring high-level executives (managers, directors, etc.)
Naturalization requests

Success Stories

  • We have provided immigration services for companies from various industries (aeronautics, beverages, mining, oil, and telecommunications).
  • As part of our corporate responsibility commitment, we have developed a pro-bono project named Crusade V, providing migratory assistance to impoverished Venezuelan citizens.
  • We have obtained the naturalization of several foreign nationals seeking Ecuadorian citizenship.


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