Labor and employment relationships between employers and employees is covered under our labor and social security laws and regulations. When it comes to HR, these processes require external support from a group of trained professionals.

AVL has a team of lawyers committed to providing quality service thanks to their thorough understanding of the employer’s line of business or the employees’ needs. This team provides on-going support for decision-making by senior management, human talent managers and business owners. We have developed legal tools on matters of labor and employment that put us at the forefront of the labor market.

We advise companies on personnel selection, internal discipline management rules, reviewing the organization’s labor policy and culture, administrative procedures with the Ministry of Labor and the Ecuadorian Institute of Social Security (IESS), negotiation, and litigations, all of which are moving parts that are key to any employment relationship. It is also necessary to determine in what cases the criteria for labor exclusion have been met.

Our services

Our services

We provide recruitment support based on HR needs and planning. We draft employment contracts specific to the client’s industry or economic sector and provide legal coordination until employees are on-boarded and fully registered with the Ministry of Labor and the IESS.
Personnel recruitment (domestic and foreign) and special cases, labor subrogation, etc.
Consultancy for developing and implementing a compensation policy under different systems—fixed, variable, shares of company stock.
Advising on occupational health and safety, support for implementing and legalizing health and safety regulations and risk prevention policies, etc.
Support for obtaining social security and also private insurance
Counsel to comply with employer's on-going obligations, and special duties such as how to treat pregnant women, persons with disabilities, foreigners, work accidents, occupational diseases, etc.
Support to recruit personnel for specific works or services within their line of business, for supplementary activities, specialized technical services, restructuring processes, mergers, etc.
Ongoing updates on important legal and regulatory developments relating to labor matters
Review and preparation of settlement and severance proceedings upon termination of an employment relationship
Preparation and support for retirement pensions, both employer-paid and through the IESS
Implementing internal labor regulations
Support for implementing occupational health and safety regulations
Review of social security contributions, regular and special payroll, reserve funds, etc.
Statement and payment of thirteenth and fourteenth yearly salaries, living wages, overtime, and profit sharing
Formalizing non-competition and confidentiality agreements with employees
Approval of shifts and special working days
Employee settlement payment policies
Consignment settlements
Review and analysis of judicial proceedings
Approval of labor termination on disciplinary grounds
Complaints filed with the Ministry of Labor and IESS
Labor and employment mediation
Defense and sponsorship in constitutional and labor lawsuits.

Success Stories

  • Implementing emergency labor measures due to COVID-19, incorporating telework
  • Retirement assistance through labor mediation
  • Analysis and liquidation of personnel based on contingencies and risks (staff with disabilities and critical health statements), which helped make decisions based on actual fund provisions
  • Sponsorship and defense regarding a labor claim filed by an ex-employee for unjustified termination, in which the employee was returned to the job under a contract prescribed in the court judgment


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