Oil & Gas

At AVL we are distinguished by our broad coverage of all legal aspects relating to hydrocarbons. We provide legal counsel in everything related to oil & gas, with our team providing support on upstream (exploration, exploitation and production) and downstream (refining, transportation and marketing) operations.

Our clients include private and state-owned companies, and we have worked on all kinds of development and financing contracts, including:

– Fuel or raw material supply contracts.

– Service and shared production agreements.

– Operation and maintenance contracts.

– Joint operation agreements.

– Contracts for unified production of common fields and joint ventures.

– Engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) and EPCM contracts.

– Public-private partnerships.

– Implementation contracts.

– Contracts for investment protection, licenses, permits.

– Participation agreements.


Our services

Our services

Contracts used in the industry, such as participation agreements, service contracts, unified production contracts, joint ventures, and earn-in, option, farm-in and farm-out agreements.
Mergers and acquisitions
Operating and regulatory permits
Project financing
Investment protection contracts

Success Stories

  • Participating on an oil contracts negotiating team to obtain US$ 1 billion in financing from Chinese commercial banks
  • Participating on an Ecuadorian negotiating team to finance a $ 195-million thermoelectric project
  • Consultancy to win a tender to develop a 50-MW solar power generating plant
  • Representing local corporate affairs to contribute to an oil exploration and production project for three oil fields in Ecuador
  • Representing companies seeking oil service projects and strategic partnerships in Ecuador
  • Participating in the process of selling an oil company with two oil blocks in Ecuador
  • Participating in the negotiation of a unified production agreement for a shared reservoir
  • Participating on a team to renegotiate participation contracts
  • Participating on a negotiation team to migrate the participation contract to a service contract
  • Participating on a negotiation team to transfer the rights to a participation contract
  • Participating on a team responsible for assessing the OCP company
  • Participating on a team to negotiate a contract between a private party and the Monteverde Oil Terminal


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