Public Law

State contracts for the procurement of goods and services is a driving force of the national economy, and the private industrial and commercial sector requires specialized assistance to negotiate with the public administration.

The public procurement system has evolved into new forms of partnerships in which the State no longer limits is actions to merely hiring out private businesses. Rather, the private sector has become the best partner of public administration, supplying it with knowledge, technology, and high levels of specialization and professionalism to implement flagship projects in all economic sectors.

These new contracting models and partnerships require an interdisciplinary team that is highly knowledgeable of the regulations and negotiations relating to the various public-private business models.

AVL has professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced in contracting for works and services and in selection procedures for the strategic sectors, and is able to represent private and public company interests.

Our team is known for providing a high level of service, starting with the phase of analyzing bidding specifications, terms of reference or information requests, accompanying clients throughout the phases of questions and clarifications, and leading teams to prepare bids that comply with the applicable regulations, through the validation, negotiation, formalization and closing of contracts.

Our services

Our services

We provide legal counsel based on strict compliance with the Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System, general resolutions, and provisions issued by the corresponding government agency.
We have had particular success advising top level domestic and foreign companies and key economic players in Ecuador and the region.
We have considerable experience contracting with the State on flagship projects in the fields of non-renewable resources, electricity, oil, and mining.
The experience and knowledge of our professional team has enabled us to represent the interests of our clients and to interact with public administration at the highest levels of government, always under a strict code of ethics and professionalism.
Our firm has professionals who are knowledgeable in public law, including administrative practice and procedures. We counsel our clients on obtaining licenses and operating permits, and on selection processes for the concession of projects for public works and services.
The administrative litigation team has advised clients on administrative contracts, permits, concessions, and all kinds of administrative and constitutional proceedings and remedies before administrative, judicial, and constitutional courts.

Success Stories

  • Providing high-end medical equipment for the national health system with funds from the Austrian Government. The client is an Austrian company with experience supplying European medical equipment through a government-to-government loan between Ecuador and Austria—the first of its kind between these two governments—providing the Ministry of Health with equipment, supplies and technical support throughout the country.
  • Photovoltaic solar generation project with multilateral financing. Our client was a domestic company that obtained a power generation license to build, install and operate a 2-MW photovoltaic plant in the canton of Urcuquí, province of Imbabura. This 20-year project was funded by the Andean Development Corporation (CAF). The client obtained domestic refinancing for debt replacement under better conditions through an innovative fiduciary structure.