The attorneys in AVL’s Technology Department are trained to face the legal challenges brought by new technologies. We specialize in topics such as blockchain, data protection and privacy, fintech, and smart contracts, etc., to provide our clients with highly specialized legal counsel.

Our work consists of proposing dynamic, clear, and avant-garde strategies to capitalize on advantages and mitigate the risks inherent in technological development for different industries.

Our services

Our services

Blockchain technology provides numerous benefits for businesses but requires specialized legal counsel to adequately address the challenges of transparency, trust, and the speed of transactions it entails.
The capabilities of information technology are not only a source of value but also a source of risk. We provide counsel on policies, regulations, and standards for each industry, implementing compliance programs and preventive audits adapted to our clients’ specific business models to minimize risks.
Changes in business, legal, and regulatory environments, launching new products or business lines, and implementing new technologies require specialized legal counsel to respond to regulatory entities, process legal information properly, and navigate changes without risks and with adequate planning.
The technological disruption affecting financial services requires specialized finance and technology lawyers capable of providing counsel on complex, innovative transactions and technology-driven financial projects.
The implementation of smart contracts to streamline and simplify contracting processes with lower costs for consumers is a reality.
Autonomous, automatic execution and fulfillment of contracts requires lawyers specialized in mitigating the risks in contracts automatically obtained from programming languages.


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