Reforms to the acquisition of drugs and other strategic health goods

April 19th, 2022

Article 75 of the Regulations to the Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System is replaced; which establishes the procedures for the acquisition of drugs or strategic health goods:

Acquisition of outpatient drugs through private pharmacies:

-It will be applied to required entities, otherwise the electronic catalog will be preferred.

-The medicines to be prescribed will be those that appear in the respective regulation, through the electronic prescription.

-The patient will go to the private pharmacies authorized to pick up the medicine.

•The patient does not pay for the medicine.

•Subscription of delivery certificates between the health entity and the pharmacy is not required.

•The price of the medicine will be in accordance with the price in the electronic catalog.

•If the pharmacy delivers a medication of lesser value, a 15% discount will be made. These provisions apply to the entire Public Health network: MSP, IESS, ISSPOL, ISSFFA and private health complementary entities



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