Reforms to the regulations to the Organic Code of the Environment for the Environmental Consultation

The President of the Republic issued Executive Decree number 754, dated May 31, 2023, regarding the environmental consultation, that reforms the regulations of the Organic Code of the Environment (hereinafter the “COAM” and the “Regulation“). The following are the main elements of this regulation: a. General i. Citizen participation is defined as a process to […]

Constitutional Court ratifies the ruling in case No. 1149-19-JP

The Constitutional Court (hereinafter the“Court”)issued an order clarifying and extending (hereinafter the “Order”) judgment number  1149-19-JP of November 10, 2021 (hereinafter the “Judgment”) by which it decides (i) to deny the request for clarification and extension requested by the Attorney General’s Office and by Javier  Polivio Pérez and others and (ii)   partially accepts the  clarification […]