The Ministry of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, issued the “Technical Standard of the Ecuador Zero Carbon Program with Organizational Scope”. Below, we present the most relevant points: Scope.- The Technical Standard is voluntary and applies to all types of people who carry out activities within Ecuador and who wish, to quantify, reduce and neutralize […]

Reforms to the acquisition of drugs and other strategic health goods

Article 75 of the Regulations to the Organic Law of the National Public Procurement System is replaced; which establishes the procedures for the acquisition of drugs or strategic health goods: Acquisition of outpatient drugs through private pharmacies: -It will be applied to required entities, otherwise the electronic catalog will be preferred. -The medicines to be […]

Registro de Crédito Externo

Registry of External Credit and Payments Abroad of the Private Sector

Through Resolution No. JPRM-2021-004-M of November 16, 2021, the Monetary Policy and Regulation Board, issued the Regulation for the Registration of External Credits to the Private Sector; which provided that the Central Bank of Ecuador will issue the administrative regulations in order to implement the provisions of said resolution. Standard for the Registry of External […]

Constitutional Court approves a referendum against mining in Quito

The Constitutional  Court issued opinion number 7-21-CP and cumulative/22 of  January 12,  2022, by  which it resolves the request for 2 referendums composed of 4 questions on the exploitation of metal mining in the 4 regimes: artisanal, small, medium and large scale, in the parishes of Nono, Calacalí, Nanegal, Nanegalito, Gualea and Pacto, confirming that […]

Constitutional Court ratifies the ruling in case No. 1149-19-JP

The Constitutional Court (hereinafter the“Court”)issued an order clarifying and extending (hereinafter the “Order”) judgment number  1149-19-JP of November 10, 2021 (hereinafter the “Judgment”) by which it decides (i) to deny the request for clarification and extension requested by the Attorney General’s Office and by Javier  Polivio Pérez and others and (ii)   partially accepts the  clarification […]

Public procurement reforms

The National Public Procurement Service with Resolution No. RE-SERCOP-2021-0114, amended Resolution No. RE-SERCOP-2016-0000072, of the Codification of Resolutions, by means of which it introduces rules relating to: Submission of tenders with electronic signature Not sumilladas or foliated. Linked offers The Organic Law Reforming the COIP on Anticorruption Matters will be approved. Claims and complaints A […]